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SoundCloud for PC-When it comes to finding free international music we are left with the least choices possible. Sure, Spotify is a great way for us to enjoy the music, but the service is both paid, and it is not yet made available in all the countries and regions. I love Soundcloud.

I used to make YouTube videos back in the days, and sometimes for the background score, I had to dig up some songs from the internet. We surely can’t add copyrighted music to our videos, and this is where Soundcloud for PC came into existence for me.

SoundCloud for PC

SoundCloud for pc

From Deadmau5 to Burn Water tracks I grew up listening to this music and The FatRat is my favorite artist. There are some scores that are available without copyrights, and that can be used for your videos using Soundcloud for PC.

Apart from this, you can’t download the song on your device, but you can stream it for free hundreds of time for free. Freelance music makers and editors come and join the SoundCloud community to share their talents with other and there is nothing I can think of that is not good about Soundcloud for PC.

Let us talk more about the features of Soundcloud for PC in detail.


Soundcloud for PC is available for free. There is no fee for the app download, and you are not supposed to get into a subscription mess too. Its free music all over the place. And that’s why I loved this app so much.

  • You get the high-quality latest and greatest songs of all times on the platform. From new to old all the artists and bands come together in this community to show their talents.
  • There is an additional option for getting a premium version of the app but, it is not always necessary.
  • Furthermore, the app interface looks clean, and the player is simple.
  • You can comment on the tracks and music while you are listening to them. And your comment gets embedded on to that particular time segment on the track.
  • Let’s say you like the hook of a new song that you just listened. You can comment on that particular point to let people and the creator know how good you felt after listening to the some.
  • Visually, the song playback appears in the form of an oscilloscope or an equalizer interface which shows elevations and depressions where there are beats and drops.
  • Further, the app has these cool widgets that can be placed on your Android device’s home screen. These widgets help you to access the song library and play your favorite songs quickly.
  • There is also a playlist option that can save as many playlists you want on it. This will help you a lot in a long run while surfing for the songs.
  • The search feature is impeccable. You can search for genre, artist name, band name, type of music and even the language of the music you would love to listen in. How cool is that?
  • You can find musicians and artists from all over the world on Soundcloud for PC.
  • Furthermore, if you loved any particular song or the band for that matter, you can login using your social media accounts such as Facebook and Google+ and can share the links with the world.

How to Download Soundcloud for PC?

SoundCloud for pc
uses of SoundCloud

Well, there is no desktop app available for Soundcloud for PC. But the website serves for all the purposes at the same time.

  • The website works on all the platforms, just make sure that the browser you are using have javascript enabled and support flash player.
  • It is as simple as it sounds. Head over to the SoundCloud website and make sure to search for your favorite music via the search button.
  • You can listen to the songs without logging into any of your social media accounts.
  • If you need to maintain and update your playlists from time to time, make sure to log in via Facebook, Google+ or directly via email.
  • You can like the song, and can ever rate them after logging in. Furthermore, you are also allowed to leave comments when you are logged in.

How to install SoundCloud?

If you need some additional features like the widget options or wants to experience the features of the android app on PC. You also can do that.

  • Surely, there is no native program built for the PC itself, but you can install Soundcloud android application on your PC using android emulator software program.
  • Just download the emulator program and install it from their official website.
  • We prefer bluestacks and NOX player app.
  • Once the file is downloaded, make sure to install it and perform the initial setup to keep the app ready.
  • Now you can install the Soundcloud for PC from the Google Play Store built right into the Bluestacks player.
  • Simply search for the Soundcloud in the Google Play Store and start downloading.
  • Once the app is downloaded, it’ll be ready for the use. And you can enjoy many more features that are limited to just Android devices.

Most common problems with Soundcloud for PC

While using the web version of Soundcloud for PC, sometimes the browser may stutter. This is because Soundcloud runs their music player over Flash player.

  • Flash player may sometime fail to load and hence the stutter.
  • This can be fixed by reloading the page.
  • It is always preferred to use Google Chrome in incognito mode to surf for songs on Soundcloud.

Can I upload my songs on Soundcloud for PC?

SoundCloud for pc
Steps to upload songs in SoundCloud for pc

Yes, you can! But there are a few things that you need to take care of before posting.

Make sure that you are using your creation. Even if you are sharing someone else’s work, there will be a chance that your account may get blocked.

Soundcloud for PC is a free community for great artists and newcomers. If you are a singer, or an instrumentalist or a DJ you can share your creativity with the world using Soundcloud.

Is it recommended?

Soundcloud for PC is an app that lets you access a lot of tracks from artists and musicians all around the world. Furthermore, you can also share your creations.

Let us know, whether you are going to use this app for listening to the songs or you want to share your music with the world?

Share your valuable suggestions in the comment section below.

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