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So there are a lot of communication apps available in the stores right now. People from every country have their own needs and to fulfill them, they’ve their app. Apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram works awesomely, but there are some features that this app won’t provide. Kakaotalk for PC, on the other hand, is a jam-packed app that provides a lot of features to every user around the world.

Kakaotalk for PC originated from Japan. And the app is more popular amongst the users of Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and China. The Kakaotalk for PC uses the combination of username and password to log you in. The default username is your phone number.

Let’s find out more about Kakaotalk for PC, and we’ll guide you through the process of installation too. Let’s dive in;

Kakaotalk for PC

Kakaotalk for PC

So, nowadays every communication chat based app has come up with their PC version. For example, the web version of the popular chat messenger WhatsApp sure does the job. But there are a lot of minor to major hiccups using the desktop client, and similar is the case with other chat messengers.

Kakaotalk for PC, on the other hand, was the first app that was launched to PCs after getting entry into the mobile market.

They somehow knew about the requirement of a PC dedicated program over the ideally required APK file.

Let us know what the features that Kakaotalk for PC offers their customers are.

Features of Kakaotalk for PC

  • Just like any other chat messenger app you get the option of receiving and sending text messages to and fro from mobile devices. Similar is the case with Kakaotalk for PC.
  • The users are first required to install the Kakaotalk on their smartphones. From there the account can be set up easily. Furthermore, Kakaotalk app will scan your contact database and syncs all the contacts that are on kakaotalk to their servers.
  • This synced data is encrypted and can’t be breached, so you are secure.
  • Several users have been using Kakaotalk for PC to make their lives a little bit easier. It offers some great features that the phone alone can’t provide.
  • The Kakaotalk for PC is free to install, and there is no subscription charge for their service.
  • Furthermore, you can send images, music, videos and other files such as documents, pdf files, and even powerpoint files right from your PC.
  • The program allows you to browse through all the contents on your PC and lets you send them in a jiffy.
  • Apart from this, you can also do video chatting with your friends. As it is a cross-platform app so you can chat on your PC while other users are on their PC or smartphone or tablet. This makes it an ideal cross-platform chat engine.
  • Chatting one to one with a lot of friends at the same time. It lets you connect to your friends who are sitting away from you in any place of the world.
  • You can easily send voice notes, contact information and location data and also can receive the same.
  • Planning schedules and management of the events can also be done via Kakaotalk for PC.
  • Another cool new feature, sending stickers and animated emoticons in the chatroom is another possibility with Kakaotalk for PC.
  • Furthermore, you can create and add into groups and continue your conversations there.
  • You can follow your favorite brand, company or influencer and now even movie stars and follow their latest fashion trends.
  • Latest news can also be seen via Kakaotalk with their built-in system.

So far so good, let us now know how to install it on your PC.

Installation of Kakaotalk in PC

Kakaotalk for PC
Installation process of Kakaotalk

The installation of Kakaotalk is simple and easy. As the developers have released the desktop dedicated client for PC’s, there is no need for you to install android emulators and install the apk file leached from your Android device.

Here is how you can install Kakaotalk for PC;

  1. Head over to Google and search for Kakaotalk.
  2. You’ll be presented with lots of results, make sure to click on their official website.
  3. The official website displays a ton of features that the app is capable of providing.
  4. You can additionally see several other options like downloading the app on your smartphones, both Android and iPhone. Apart from that, there will be an option for Kakaotalk for PC.
  5. Simply, click on the windows installation option and go through their guidelines carefully.
  6. Now, carefully look for the download button. Click on the download button to download the Kakaotalk for your PC.
  7. Now, after the app is downloaded, double-click on the program and let the installation be done.
  8. It hardly takes 30 seconds.
  9. Once the installation has been finished, you can enjoy using the Kakaotalk for PC.

Note- make sure always to download the software program from the official website only. There may be a chance where you can download any faulty program that may harm your PC.

How to use Kakaotalk for PC?

Kakaotalk for PC
How to chat in Kakaotalk for PC
  • Once the installation of the software program is successful. Make sure that your PC or laptop is connected to the internet.
  • Now, if the internet is working fine, make sure to right-click on the Kakaotalk program icon and run it via administrator rights. This will ensure a proper first-time experience and will check all the compatibility criteria.
  • Furthermore, you’ll be asked to allow the program to run, click on YES.
  • Now, carefully add in your username and password in the space provided on the Kakaotalk program.
  • This will enable your entry into the chat server.

Et voila! You are in. Now you can use Kakaotalk on your PC and enjoy all its features for free.

Issues with Kakaotalk for PC

As such the program runs smoothly and there are no problems associated with the application. But many times, the app shows an error message saying, your message failed to be sent.

  • To fix such issues, make sure to check for the internet connectivity at first. Ensure that your internet is working properly.
  • Also, take care of the internet connection settings.
  • If all of these things are working fine, the cause may be because of server issues at Kakaotalk servers. You can wait for sometime and re-check for the application status after some time.

Is it recommended?

The app works flawlessly both on the android devices and now on PC too. Our favorite feature of Kakaotalk, is the ability to send cool graphic stickers, what’s yours? Let us know in the comment section.

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