Best Android Apps for PC, Laptop Free Download 2019 | Top 30

Best Android apps for PC: As the year 2017 has ended and 2018 is here, we can say that this has been a very pleasant year for Android users. As Google released the new Android Oreo 8.0 update, many Android devices and apps are pushing the boundaries of a standard smartphone in terms of performance and features. Android mobiles like One Plus 5T, Google Pixel 2 are releasing huge RAM powered devices that can handle all best Android apps for Windows as a breeze. Thousands of Android apps for PC released this year in which some of them went viral like DubSmash, Sarahah and many failed to impress the users. Social networking apps like Facebook, SnapChat maintained their steady popularity while Google Plus, Camera360, StarMaker saw a dip in their user base.

Also, Many users are now interested in installing APK files of best android apps not in Google play store that provide a lot of useful content. See the best android apps of 2017below that you can install for Free on Windows PC, Laptop. All these Best Android apps free are compatible with Windows Xp/7/8/8.1/10.

Best Android Apps 2017-2018 for PC Free Download

Best android apps for pc laptop free download 2017, 2018

Discover and Download the Best Android Apps of 2017 for PC Free Download

The below apps mentioned are all free to download and a mix of apps available in Google Play Store and third party apps. To install best android APKs for PC manually, you must download the source file of the app. But don’t worry, we provided all the necessary installation files along with the app. As there are many apps to be talked about, we sorted the list in terms of categories. You can find the best android apps of all time for all categories below most importantly for Music, Movies, Sports, Camera, Productivity and other useful tools.

If you are looking for a particular category, please use the menu below and navigate to your favourite category. You can find the installation instructions and download sources below the app details.

The above categories are the most used by Android users and the top downloaded apps in Play Store are from these categories. Learn more about these best android apps for PC below and download your favourite ones.

Note: If you want to install these Apps on your mobile phone, please maintain Android 4.4 and higher operating systems for better performance. To install on Windows PC and Laptop, use any Android emulator like BlueStacks or YouWave.

Best Android apps for Entertainment

Almost 90% of Android users use their mobile for Entertainment purposes. Apps that have features like Streaming live TV, Watching movies, listening to songs are the best entertainment apps. Here are the best Android apps for Entertainment free download.

Vidmate App for PC

VidMate is perhaps the most popular app of 2017 with more than a million downloads and a dedicated user base. Using Vidmate, we can watch latest Hindi, English, Telugu movies online with subtitles. We can also download Youtube videos by using the URL of video. The app supports more than 20 websites for downloading videos. VidMate also has a trending music section for audio lovers.

Mobdro for PC

Mobdro is another entertainment that provides more than 200 Live Tv channels, Free movies, TV Series. You can also watch live sports and record any content with a simple click. Mobdro is not only compatible with Android and Windows, but you can also use it with Kodi, Apple TV, Android TV and iOS devices. Mobdro is the best entertainment app for multiple streaming devices.

Best Android apps for Photo Editing

Photo Editing apps for Android are necessary as we deal with many photos everyday. By using editors, we can make our photos look more interesting by applying some cool filters. These editors will also help us look good in our Social media pictures.

PicsArt for PC

PicsArt Photo Studio app helps us to edit selfies and portrait photos into beautiful collages. Photo editor with advanced features will help in drawing, framing and editing your pics. You can also add stickers and emojis to your photos and make them look funny. Edit your group pics along with your friends online with Remix Chat. PicsArt is available for both Android APK and Windows PC, Laptop file.

Google SnapSeed for PC

Snapseed by Google is a simple yet lovely photo editor that syncs with Google to upload our edited pics automatically to Google drive and Google photos. Snapseed also have custom camera support with Focus, Zoom, Depth of field options that will make your photos look similar to DSLR photos. The app lets you save all images as RAW files to edit again with other photo editing apps. The app is free to download and install for Android, Windows, MacBook Laptops.

Best Android apps for Messaging

Messaging or Chat apps are the current buzz of smartphones with a lot of companies giving their fair share of features. But as this is the latest 2017 list, here are the best messaging apps for Android that can deliver top quality messaging services and bucket load of features.

WhatsApp for PC

Yes. The good old WhatsApp for Android is still most popular app of Android ever! With more than 100 million downloads, WhatsApp is the best messaging app that is simple yet feature full. The new ‘Status’ feature added in 2017 have made it a mini social networking app that operates with only our mobile contacts. Download WhatsApp for PC, Laptop and never get bored and alone again.

Hike for PC

Hike is the best trending messaging app in India for it’s lovely interface and sticker support. Hike supports offline messaging feature that lets you send message to your contacts for free when they are online. The app is used mainly by couples who are in love because of the lovely stickers support and an option to change background images within the app. If you are a resident of India, we recommend you use Hike App.

Best Android apps for Music

Music is the next main thing people use mobiles for. As smartphones are evolving into internet devices with 24 hours online support, mobile users are opting for online music services rather than storing music on their storage like previous days. Gone are the days when we used to download our favourite songs on computer and move them to phone. Here are the best live music, radio and streaming apps for Android and Windows. We excluded Google Play Music as it is a basic app in every Android mobile.

iTunes for PC

iTunes is the home of millions of songs and movies that can be accessed within seconds. The paid service is the best way to listen to songs online legally for reasonable prices. iTunes is supported by Android and Windows devices. However, the app is a default app on iOS and MacOS devices.

Shazam for PC

Shazam is the best music app delivering trusted services from more than 3 years. We can listen to latest music online and add them to our playlist. Live radio and live music streaming are supported for online usage. We can also create our own profile and add favourites and see our friends favourite music with Shazam.

Best Android apps for Camera

Camera apps are like a boon to Android users who are fed up with their default camera. Many Android mobiles have dull cameras that lit up when used with another camera apps. Also we can get filter support and face whitening before clicking the photo. This way, camera apps are perfect to use in our day to day lives.

YouCam for PC

YouCam Photo Camera/Editor have more than 10 filters to choose from before clicking the photo. The app also supports front and back camera. The app is perfect for selfie freaks with advanced features to make your face look good.

B612 for PC

B612 is a simple camera app that has only 2-3 options. The app lets you click your photo with it’s camera and then shows you a wide range of filters to select from. Some are basic filters like B&W, Vintage, Film etc., and there are also other artistic features. You can crop or rotate your image after applying filters.

Best Android apps for Productivity

If you are a busy person who use their mobile for more than entertainment, you must start by utilising best android apps for pc to increase your productivity. This will save your time and focus, allowing you to be more productive. The below apps are basic productive apps for simple tasks and are not targeted towards only corporate users.

Xender for PC

Xender is a File sharing app that is trending in useful tools for Android. This app will save you a lot of time while transferring files between devices with ease. Xender also supports cross platform sharing which means you can send files to any device irrespective of the operating system. Xender also has an online service that lets you transfer files via internet.

Amazon Kindle for PC

This app is especially recommended for book nerds who invest their time in finding the perfect books and also spending money to buy those books. Kindle cuts off both problems by giving you a free library of unlimited books and you can read them on your mobile any time you like.

Best Android apps for Movies

After all the busy times you’ve been through, if you want some peace of mind with your mobile, you should watch movies if you don’t have the time to go to theatres to watch all movies. Mobiles like One Plus 5T and iPhone S series have designed 6 inch display mobiles that are perfect for watching films.

Hotstar for PC

Hotstar Go Solo is the best legal streaming service for watching sports matches, movies, TV shows and cartoons. Just download Hotstar on your Mobile or Windows PC and start watching even without signing up. If you are a United States user, you can watch Hotstar English content by subscribing to their premium services.

ShowBox for PC

If there is any app that surpasses our expectations in online entertainment for Android, it’s ShowBox. The app is a user favourite for streaming movies and TV shows in HD quality with subtitles. You can also read latest movie news and be a part of the ShowBox community by submitting anything informative. ShowBox is the most downloaded third party app for Android from the past 4 years. This shows how cool ShowBox delivers.

Best Android apps for Podcasts

Podcasts are old school interviews that are now being popular due to self help motivators and audio listeners. Many of the podcasts are related to the startup generations and interviews with successful people. Podcasts help in building self strength and can work as a constant alarm of one’s subconscious.

Podcast Addict for PC

Podcast Addict is a new app that’s used for recording and listening to podcasts. You can create your profile and upload your Podcasts for other people to listen and build your fan base. There are also other podcasts from motivational speakers you can listen for free. The app is compatible with Android, Windows Xp/7/8/10 PC and Laptops.

Soundcloud for PC

Many of you know SoundCloud only as a free music service. But it also has the option to record and upload podcasts of your choice. You can build your fanbase very quickly with Soundcloud as there are millions of users using the service already.

Best Android apps for Video Calling

As front cameras in Android are evolving with each new mobile Video calling is being a daily affair to many users. Fast internet connections are supporting video calls and many people are looking for top quality video calling apps for daily use with chat support.

Google Duo for PC

Google claims that Google Duo is the highest quality video calling app and the reviews prove so. The app has a simple interface with basic features like Mute, Zoom, Pause, Switch etc., but the video quality is very high. There is also no buffer time for the image to reach from one mobile to another.

imo for PC

imo entered that Android market as a chat app along with hundreds of other chat apps. But the app soon gained a lot of popularity for it’s video calling services. imo delivers almost zero second buffer time with video calls and also has chat support. Options like drawing notes, record calls, stickers also make it a good messaging app. The video quality though is however compromised with slow internet connections.

Best Android apps to Download Youtube Videos

Youtube is the top video streaming website of our times and it’s also a hub of many songs. Many Android users want to download videos from Youtube to store in their storage to watch later as videos and listen as audio files. Here are the top picks.

TubeMate for PC

Tubemate is a free app that’s popular for it’s main feature of downloading Youtube videos in a go. You can download Youtube videos as HD video files, Audio files, Mp4 files and many other extensions. Tubemate also supports other tube sites and allows download via URL. TubeMate is the second most third party app downloaded in Android in the past 2 years.

SnapTube for PC

Snaptube is similar to TubeMate and is popular for downloading videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and a bunch of other tube sites for free. Snaptube also has the option to compress and convert the file extensions. If you don’t want to download, you can stream the content online and quit the app.


These are the Best Android Apps of 2017 and will continue to be the same in 2018 also. As Android users are growing day by day, millions of apps will come and go in 2018 also, but very few will be useful to all. The above Android apps for PC are useful for everyone and are basic apps that can run on Android KitKat also.

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